Forbidden cravings

Ever since I’ve fractured my foot, I’ve remembered all my unfinished business, all the things I need to do. With the monsoons here in earnest, I wanna run in the rain, train for a race I’d signed up earlier, wear my dresses with high heels, clean out the cupboards and generally do all the things I have never done till now!
And then I make myself miserable thinking of them all – since I can’t do them, even though I secretly know, I would probably never have done them anyway 😉

The games the mind plays with us – I wish for everything that’s impossible and forbidden right now!
I know now just how the diabetic feel in summers when they crave for mangoes!!!

Just for fun, list down all the things that you’d love to experience or have, but are forbidden to? 🙂
Here’s mine –

  • wine – due to migraine
  • chocolate due to cold allergy
  • cheese – possibly allergy
  • loosing my temper due to side effects 😉


Written just like that and in response to LindaGHill’s friday prompt on #SoCS