The Corona Times 23-03-2020

Well we’ve been at home, rather working from home, for the past week now. How’s it been? Not as difficult as I anticipated it would be. I’ve been working from home for a while and hence this is not new. What’s new is the kids school declared a holiday a month in advance which means vacations are now 3 months long and my husband is also working from home and the maids too (from theirs) πŸ™‚ Haa haa… A lot of my friends settled overseas resent us Indians for just ONE thing – having house-helps. We have drivers, cooks, cleaners, baby sitters, care-givers – you name it and we have it (all coming home). I know I know….I know NOW how you must feel. But jokes apart, I have given the maids leave for 2 reasons –

  1. My own selfish reasons – keeping my children and family safe. Visitors should be minimized and maids live with their families and come in contact with very many others who we don’t know or can’t control.
  2. For the sake of their own well-being – they deserve the right to stay healthy themselves. They have families to look out for. More worrisome here is that if they do get infected, they may not have access to good healthcare facilities. Also, they live in small homes and in densely populated areas which could cause the virus to spread faster.

Also, most of them are really not in a position to voluntarily seek leave, fearing pay cuts. It’s time we put ‘people’ and their well-being before a little bit of inconvenience that we might have to bear.

Wait, I’m not getting all preachy here. I also have cheerful stuff to share. There have been many positives for many families (mine included) holed up all by themselves. I heard of one mother in law and daughter in law who had not spoken to each other for years, (their conversations until now happened through the maids who came home and the children whenever they could get hold of one) finally breaking their silence to thrash out division of labour issues at home and the menus for the day and evening meals. Well well, where years of intervention by the husband and Father-in-law failed, Corona virus achieved in a week’s time. I’m so happy for them πŸ™‚

Another couple who had nothing much to say to each other for years found to their delight that they were bonding superbly over Corona. Now conversation is endless & they both research and glean out information and spend hours discussing the virus and measures needed at home to control it. They also have quizzes on the topic every week to keep up the motivation.

Closer home, my children have also taken to helping me around the house without much chiding, because they do not want a harried stressed out mother who would not allow TV time. Check out the picture where my little girl is just so thrilled. So dusting and sweeping have been taken care of – yipppeee!!

Human nature is such that when you’re prohibited from doing an activity, you itch for it all the more. So with the lock-down due to Corona, all of us are itching so much more for those long walks, for human interaction (with people we ignored so far), with suddenly wanting to know our neighbours and what they’re up to all day, where they or their relatives have been to these past months etc etc. Sorry again about digressing. We were at my family. So my mom in law who’s recuperating from a hip fracture, who until now would remain confined to her room, suddenly feels the need to move about the house. She’s been walking about a lot more, feeling a lot better and hence recovering faster. She’s helping with chopping vegetables and other small chores and well am not I thrilled (with her recovery of course).

I hope you’re having an equally great time at home. Do share your tips and the stuff you’re doing to keep things cheerful.

Stay home, stay happy, don’t panic! This too shall pass.Β 




Author: Beckonlife

Hi! I'm Leena and while I'm a WFHM (work from home mom), I'm a lot of other things too. I'm a woman who really believes that Women have it all, but whether they use it or not is where the difference comes in. I toed the corporate life for 13 years and then yes, I did it! I quit to start working for myself and I'm loving every bit of it. I work with artisans in rural areas of India and help them eke out a living. My blog is about Outliving one's life and not letting life pass by. I hope to share tips of leading a full, balanced, healthy and happy life - making time for self, kids, family & friends and those less fortunate than us. I live in Mumbai, India with 2 wonderful children, husband and in-laws. I'll be sharing some funny incidents, some learnings, some advice, some tips on food, travel, decor, relationships , parenting, in-lawing (if there's a word like that ;)) and a lot more. I do hope you enjoy my blogs cause while I write them for myself, I'd love it if it's relevant & enjoyable to you & of course I do hope to learn a few things from you. Happy Sharing to us!

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