The “I” in us is just too big for us to be able to give anything else as much importance. ‘I’ in Hindu mythology stands for ‘ego’. I am the central figure in my life. Everything is about me, revolves around me. Each of us, we see only our lives. In this time and space, I cannot see what is happening with my husband or child (if they are away) or my parents living in another city. We each experience the world through our own small window.

In Hindu mythology it is said, God can see all living beings together at any given point of time and wherever they are (akin to us viewing a board game laid out in front). God knows how we are inter-connected, because he sees us all together. I don’t know if that’s true. But this thought stayed with me. If you ever want to remind yourself that while you matter, you are only a small tiny part of this endless universe, stand on the shore of the vast ocean and look out.

Written in response to Sue Vincent’s prompt ‘small’ and photo prompt #writephoto

Author: Beckonlife

Hi! I'm Leena and while I'm a WFHM (work from home mom), I'm a lot of other things too. I'm a woman who really believes that Women have it all, but whether they use it or not is where the difference comes in. I toed the corporate life for 13 years and then yes, I did it! I quit to start working for myself and I'm loving every bit of it. I work with artisans in rural areas of India and help them eke out a living. My blog is about Outliving one's life and not letting life pass by. I hope to share tips of leading a full, balanced, healthy and happy life - making time for self, kids, family & friends and those less fortunate than us. I live in Mumbai, India with 2 wonderful children, husband and in-laws. I'll be sharing some funny incidents, some learnings, some advice, some tips on food, travel, decor, relationships , parenting, in-lawing (if there's a word like that ;)) and a lot more. I do hope you enjoy my blogs cause while I write them for myself, I'd love it if it's relevant & enjoyable to you & of course I do hope to learn a few things from you. Happy Sharing to us!

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