Small moments of happiness #2

Small moments of happiness #2 – At Raju’s cottage, Gushaini, HP


The other day I looked outside the window, still lying on the bed – to find the early morning sun peeping through the pear trees in the orchard right outside the house. The wind gently whooshed about teasing the leaves and making them dance gently to its tune. It was a cool April in the hills of Gushaini and seemed like the perfect day to go for our planned trek. My son all of 9, lay in bed, deep in sleep, blissfully secure and oblivious to the beauty around. I took a moment to analyse my feelings. Was it the beauty outside that made me feel so elated and happy or was it watching his innocent face deep in sleep. I couldn’t bring myself to wake him up. Wouldn’t these moments be soon gone? Wasn’t it just yesterday ( or 7 years ago) when I cradled him and he looked up at me with twinkling eyes, his mouth wide open in a rabbit toothed grin? As I held him close and looked out of the window content, I decided that the trek would have to wait.

P.S – Raju’s cottage is a homestay at the bank’s of the Beas river in Gushaini, Himachal Pradesh, India. It’s fairly popular and you’re sure to find information online. If you are planning a trip, do be sure to book in advance as they are perpetually booked. 🙂

Small moments of happiness #1 – At home in Mumbai

I lie warm in my bed, listening to the wind outside. Its winter now and the mornings have a slight chill. The mist is knocking on the windows asking to be let in before the sun rays make it disappear. I smile slowly and curl further into my quilt.  The biggest reason for happiness in my life, my little daughter breathes softly and deeply next to me. Her form rising and falling gently. I could watch her endlessly I feel.  These moments of peace and happiness are fleeting, and light,  yet so complete and incomparable.